What's your anthem?                                        Messaging that creates  Loyalty . Trust . Value TM
Anthems inspire. They unite. They resound.

invite people to join in chorus, and make possible the kind of magical moments that can only occur when we're all saying the same thing. 

They make us feel proud - even optomistic - about the things we share.  Anthems bridge the gap between hearts and minds, creating grace and good will around their very themes. So ...

your anthem?

Anthem Strategic Communication was established in 2011 by CEO and Senior Strategist, Shane Skeens, to take over the growing, strategic messaging services of indigospin : media+marketing.  Based in Lubbock, Texas, Anthem Strategic is a full service communication consultancy specializing in helping clients, from a variety of industries, develop and proclaim their brands' anthems.

Our brand messaging services are narrowly focused on developing messaging that CREATES Loyalty, Trust and Value in the hearts and minds of your guests, employees, customers and constituents.

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Our strategic communication services are focused around a few key areas of brand messaging:

Human Resources
From methodology to the very words you use, our years of experience in management and culture-building help our clients develop communication strategies and systems that create inspiring companies - from the inside out.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Few aspects of the organizational life-cycle present more challenges than that of the corporate merger.  Timing is crucial, and the opportunities for successful integration and cultural alignment don't last forever.  We help growing clients avoid all-too-common pitfalls and communicate in ways that strengthen the organization as a whole.

Marketing & Public Relations
Strategically aligned marketing and PR messaging are among the most powerful things you can employ to shape opinions, compel responses, and build a durable, highly valued brand.  We help organizations do this with excellence, helping them increase loyalty, trust and value among their guests, employees, customers and constituents.

Crisis Communication
Strong messaging can help avoid crises altogether, but when they do occur, one thing is sure:  you won't have the luxury of time.  Delivering the right response, in the right way, and at exactly the right time can literally change the outcome to your benefit.  You may even come out looking better than you went in. Our deep experience in crisis communication allows us to keep a client's best foot forward - and out of their mouth.